Spicy & Sweet Pork Chop Steaks for Two

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 25 mins

Very fast, and easy to make. My experimentation on a fast recipe. This recipe is something that I experimented with, and was shocked when I tasted it! My husband loves it! Great for junior chefs, and busy people!

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  1. Chop the onion, and the garlic if you are using fresh garlic and not the jarred minced version.
  2. In a bowl mix the water, onion, garlic, jam, salsa and salt together until well mixed.
  3. It's okay to taste it a little bit so that you can see if you need to add more of something, but don't over-do it!
  4. Next take out the pork.
  5. Leave the chops whole, but with a knife cut random areas so that the mix's juices that you made will go through the pork.
  6. In any cooking pot with a lid (that will allow you to put two pork chops into it)- throw the sauce into the pot.
  7. Place the pork chops also into the pot.
  8. With a spoon dig up some of the sauce in the pan and put some of it on the top of the pork chops.
  9. Turn your stove on with a medium to high heat, until the sauce starts to heat up.
  10. Then lower the heat enough (medium heat), and now cover, and allow to cook well, flipping it over every 8-10 minutes.
  11. Remember to keep putting the sauce on the sides of the pan on top of the pork every time you flip them over.
  12. Don't let the sauce burn into the bottom of the pot.
  13. When done, the sauce should not be too watery.
  14. Top with the sauce that you made to cook the pork with into a plate.
  15. Serve with rice!
  16. My husband loves this quick to make and cook dish!
  17. Note: If you want to add more pork for more people just increase the salsa and jam.
  18. And add the rest of the ingredients to your taste.


Most Helpful

This was very good. My husband really enjoyed it! I served this with wild rice and boiled red potatos. The extra sauce was delicious on both! I think this would be good made with chicken also...will be trying that next! Thanks!

April Ballesteros December 26, 2001

These were wonderful! I browned them first, used 10 chops from the value pack I'd bought. Then finished them off in the sauce, which I doubled. Served these with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Really tasty, and my toddler liked them too!

Diana Johnson || EatingRichly.com November 04, 2015

This was good. I sliced the meat on both sides and increased the garlic and salsa. The meat wasn't totally permeated. We thought it was good. Thanks so much for posting.

RedVinoGirl January 07, 2010

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