Quick n Easy Quiche Crust

Total Time
5 mins
45 mins

Need a fast, flaky crust? This delicious recipe is so much cheaper than ready-made pie crusts! High altitude tested.

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  1. Mix flour and salt with fork.
  2. Beat oil and water with whisk or fork to thicken.
  3. Pour into flour and mix with fork.
  4. Press into 9" pie crust.
  5. Fill with quiche mixture and bake at 400F until done.
  6. NOTES: I've never made this with canola oil.
  7. You can double the recipe, divide dough in half, and roll out into a pair of rounds for two-crust pies.
  8. This recipe is not suitable for baked pie crust shells.
  9. It makes a nice, flaky crust that's suitable for everyday use.