Polish Stuffed Cabbage

Total Time
2hrs 45mins
Prep 45 mins
Cook 2 hrs

Polish Stuffed Cabbage the way my Grandmother taught me. This is different from the other recipes on here for this dish.

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  1. You should try to find the largest head of cabbage possible. The larger the head the more leaves large enough to stuff.
  2. Put a large pot of water on to boil.
  3. When it comes to a boil place cored cabbage in it to soften leaves.
  4. Mix together beef, pork, rice, egg, onion, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.
  5. Peel off outer layers of cabbage when they are flexible. Cut out hard vein if needed.
  6. Lay leaves out flat put a portion of the meat mixture on the stem side of the leaf.
  7. fold leaf over the meat and fold in sides of leaf. Then roll up to the end. Make sure that you do not put so much meat that you can not roll it up.
  8. Place that roll into a deep oven safe dish or preferably a roaster with lid. Repeat until you have filled all the leaves large enough to stuff or you run out of meat filling.
  9. Mix together the tomato soup, tomato juice, and diced tomatoes.
  10. Pour the tomato sauce mixture on top of the rolls.
  11. Cover with foil or with roaster lid if available and bake for at least 90 minutes in a 350 degree oven. The longer and slower you cook these the better they are.
  12. Note: The cabbage rolls may be filled and rolled then frozen for later use. Thaw the rolls then continue on with the recipe.
  13. Note: This can also be made without the work of the traditional rolls. Make meatballs of the desired size, shred the cabbage and place in a layer on the bottom of the pan and then on the top of the meatballs before pouring the sauce over.
  14. Note: You may add sauerkraut to this recipe if you like. Just place it in a layer either under or over the cabbage rolls. This may be considered traditional but it is not how my family likes it.
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This is a great recipe. Very close to the one my family uses. Just a suggestion: you can Freeze the head of cabbage and let it thaw on counter. Then just peel off each leaf and use it. Instead of boiling it. Also, you can use barley to make it heartier. One last note, we make it in a big stock pot and just boil it on the stove. When we were younger, my mom would clean out all the ketchup packages in the fridge and put it in the pot with the soup. When you roll up the cabbage, just poke in the sides. They will stay. SLColman your recipe is great!!

Skutz January 01, 2008

This is the best! I always bake them at 350 for 2 hours....

suecar March 05, 2014

The first line of the recipe cracked me up. Have you heard about Alaskan giant cabbages? I'm going to need a bigger casserole dish! I had never made it before, but it was requested by a friend that grew up eating it. The recipe was easy to follow and my friend loved it. (I used a normal-large cabbage:)

AlaskaJolene November 12, 2013