Janets Enchilada's With Homemade Sauce

Total Time
1hr 10mins
Prep 30 mins
Cook 40 mins

my aunt s friend made these in the 70s they are great , i remembered them, as the sauce has gotten so dear and salt is a problem for me now

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. in large skillet.
  2. heat oil.
  3. brown tomato paste and herbs dont burn.
  4. add water and vinegar.
  5. sauce and cube.
  6. cook down until thickened.
  7. in 9x13 pan coat bottom with sauce.
  8. in skillet still cooking sauce soften the tortillas by dipping into and keep in until soft and pliable just seconds really then go to baking pan and fill and tuck.
  9. fill with thin layer of meat cheese onion and olive remember less is more they have to close.
  10. wrap and put wrapped ends down in pan.
  11. repeat.
  12. pour sauce over so covered but not swimming sprinkle with cheese and olives and onions.
  13. bake 30 minutes 375 until hot and bubbly.