22 Amazing Bacon Recipes

All hail the pig! It's time to go hog-wild and dig into our best bacon-centric dishes. From muffins to lasagna and even brownies, everything is better with bacon.

Bacon Apple Pie

"Once again, a recipe that proves bacon goes with anything! This turned out great! Just remember that the bacon shrinks as it cooks, so don't trim it too much."

-Delicious as it Looks

Chicken & Bacon Pan-Fried Sandwich

"I used some leftover chicken to make this sandwich and it made a wonderful lunchtime treat. I omitted the chives since I didn't have any. Loved the addition of the bacon!"


Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes

"A friend at work found this recipe and begged me to make them for him. They turned out great — just the right amount of salty and sweet. Don't let the combination of flavors scare you!"


Bacon-Wrapped Cream Cheese Chicken Breasts

"I used chicken cutlets from the store to skip the pounding step to make it easier!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Bacon and Cheese French Toast

"These were so fun to make! And my hubby loved! It's kind of like a Monte Cristo-style grilled cheese, but with bacon. Awesome!"


Bacon in the Oven

"I've been cooking bacon this way since for 20 plus year. Even my skeptical nephew who likes his bacon CRISPY was won over."


Peanut Butter & Bacon Sandwich

"My friends thought I was nuts until I made them try this. We introduced it to a restaurant in Bermuda, and they actually put it on their menu! I use more than two slices of bacon: Go big or go home!"

-Raynebow's Mom

Maple Bacon Cookie Dough Truffles

"These are delicious! They have become a new favorite treat in our home. I used our Crock-Pot rather than a double boiler, to melt the chocolate, and it worked very well."

-ali d

Bacon 'n' Egg Lasagna

"This was very good, but even BETTER as leftovers the next day. It's a very filling recipe. As I always say, 'Anything with bacon has got to be good!' — and this certainly was!"


Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

"I'm a real bacon addict, so I was excited to find this bacon-chocolate chip cookie recipe. The cookies came out nice and moist, and the maple glaze was yummy."


Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos

Ten minutes is all you need to put together this unforgettable appetizer that's filled with smoky crumbled bacon, cilantro and a little lime juice for extra punch.

Bacon Jam

"Awesome savory condiment! I could eat it right out of the jar."


Bacon Cocktail Weenies

"These were fantastic. Everyone loved them. I think good bacon makes a big difference. I used uncured maple bacon. And I ended up mixing light and dark brown sugar, which makes them almost candy-coated."


Bacon Pasta

"Wow, my family loved this recipe! They said it tasted better than something from Olive Garden. It has great flavor and is so easy to make!"


Bacon Potato Soup

"Comfort food at its best! I halved the recipe and still had some great leftovers for my husband's lunch. It's very rich and creamy, and it's perfect with a crusty roll or cornbread. I'll be making this again soon!"


English Muffins With Bacon Butter

"Totally delicious, totally decadent and oh-so-heavenly. The Dijon and butter combo is just wonderful, but crispy bacon makes it even better."


Bacon, Tomato & Spinach Pizza

"Loved it! I used fresh spinach and thought my hubby would turn up his nose when seeing green, but he really liked it. Great pizza!"


Bacon Ranch Dip

"This dip is fantastic! I made this to take to a potluck but couldn't help myself from trying it after a few hours in the fridge. The salt from the bacon bits paired with the creaminess of the sour cream and cheddar is a perfect combination."


Bacon Wrapped Smoked Gouda Stuffed Chicken Breasts

"I loved it! It's very flavorful and easy to put together. Gouda cheese doesn't melt as fast as other cheeses, so the chicken breast retains its stuffing much better. This will be a staple around here."


Bacon Cheese Fries

Have a bag of frozen french fries in the freezer? Then you're just three short steps away from enjoying this cheesy bacon dish.

Sourdough Bacon Muffins

"These were delicious paired with eggs for brunch. Next time I will add a pinch of cayenne for a little kick."

-Paula G

Maple-Bacon Chocolate Brownies

Sweet and salty, these easy brownies might just become your family's new favorite. Proceed with caution.