Breakfast Cookies With Bacon

"I as at the General's house for a brunch and these were so good I had to ask for the recipe! They're sweet and salty - a favorite combination of mine. My son asked me to make them the other day and I searched and couldn't find anything like them so figured I'd post it to keep the recipe alive. Hope you enjoy!"
photo by CabinKat photo by CabinKat
photo by CabinKat
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photo by Bichons Forever photo by Bichons Forever
Ready In:
24 cookies




  • cook bacon till crisp - then break into small pieces.
  • Beat together butter and sugar till fluffy, beat in egg, combine dry ingredients and mix into butter mixture.
  • Add bacon, corn flakes, and raisins and stir in by hand.
  • Drop by teaspoonful onto UNgreased cookie sheet 2" apart.
  • Bake 350 for 15 minutes. Cool 1 minutes, move to rack.

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  1. These were great. But I would definitely cut the raisins in half as they were overwhelming and I wanted to taste the bacon more. :) Also, they get HUGE when you bake them, so keep the batter balls small. Thank you!
  2. I must admit... everyone I told about these were skeptical. "Cookies with..... BACON??????" I keep telling people that bacon is it's own food group, and it pairs with pretty much everything. I now have a house full of converts. These are on my favorite list of breakfast snack foods!!!!!!
  3. I haven't been able to stop eating these since I took them out of the oven. After reading the reviews, I decided to sprinkle the cookies with sea salt before cooking them. I love salty sweet and these are great. I probably used a little more bacon than the recipe calls for and I found out after I'd started that I didn't quite have enough butter, so I added a couple tablespoons of bacon grease and I think these cookies have a really nice bacon flavor. I didn't have corn flakes so I used frosted flakes and reduced the sugar in the recipe to 1/2 c. I also didn't measure the raisins and just threw in a large handful, so I probably ended up with more than a 1/2 c. Maybe I'll have just one more...
  4. After watching an entire episode of bacon themed dining on TV, I had to try Bacon Cookies! My family LOVES bacon. In fact, I had to make them when everyone was gone so I could get the bacon cooked and into the cookies. I doubled the bacon in the recipe and added a couple of drops of maple flavoring then sprinkled the tops of the dough on the baking sheet with coarse salt to balance out the sweet. I also left out the raisins (kids won't eat them). They turned out FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for posting the recipe.<br/><br/>Up date: After some more tweaking, I have found the perfect mix for me! I increased the bacon to 12 oz (uncooked), using thick sliced works the best. It is really good with candied bacon too. Added a little more flour (about 2 tbsp) to firm up the dough a little. Flavored with a shake of liquid smoke and 1 tsp mapleine. Made the dough balls 1", sprinked with coarse salt. Baked 10-12 min at 375 deg. FANTASTIC! I can't make enough to keep everyone satisfied!
  5. This was a great addition for a breakfast in a bag, to carry to Churchill Downs to watch the Derby contenders practice, very early in the morning. The children liked them, and along with juice, a hard boiled egg, and banana, was a decent nutrient with little fuss or muss. Next time I would add more bacon and less sugar, but that's not a criticism, just a personal preference.


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