Feta, Olive and Tomato Dip

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

Use a feta that is not too salty, there can be quite a difference in flavor when you buy feta cheese. You can substitute the fresh tomatoes for sun-dried if you like a more pungent flavor, but use less and taste it before you add more. Add several tablespoons of milk to turn the dip into a dressing. Also very good to spread on a sandwich and top it with tomato and cucumber slices.

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  1. Put the first eight ingredients in the food processor and mix, transfer to a bowl and add the olive oil, tomatoes, onion and olives.
  2. Add the lemon juice, put in the fridge for at least one hour, serve with melba toast, crackers or pita bread strips.
Most Helpful

Great recipe - I used it as a dip and it went over very well - served with corn tortilla chips.. I whipped the cottage cheese, feta and the herbs. Used a local Feta cheese "Gorts" excellent cheese. As suggested I added 1 sundried tomatoe, did not decrease fresh tomatoes (I used Roma tomatoes) and whipped the sundried separately and mixed in with the tomatoe etc. Thanks Petsrus for a great recipe

Bergy December 14, 2002

This is great dip! It was very easy to prepare and is very flavorful. I am not sure this is for all tastes, but I personally loved it! I plan to serve this next time inside a loaf of hollowed out bread with pita chips and garnished with flat leaf parsley leaves & perhaps even some cilantro. I used good quality feta marked "mild" and used fresh tomatoes, ordinary canned black olives. I took a small lemon half and lightly squeezed it over the finished dip. Where I currently live,I was unable to get cottage cheese, so I used German Quark (which is also a curd cheese)and thought it tasted great in this dip.

HeatherFeather December 14, 2002

this was so tasty! i love all the ingredients so combined it was just wonderful, i dipped cucumbers into it and sesame pitas. i used fresh feta in brine, and halved the recipe for 2. i used kalamata olives and fresh tomatoes

chia December 10, 2002