Eunice Peanut Butter Crunch

Total Time
20 mins
0 mins

Baptist Church in South, Coffeyville church dinner. Eunice made, and they were the first cookies to leave the table. Great recipe, but fattening.

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  1. Bring sugar and caro syrup to a boil and remove from fire.
  2. Mix in peanut butter and corn flakes.
  3. Spoon out on wax paper.
  4. Let stand till slightly firm.
  5. You can also use any kind of cereal that you like for this recipe.
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I have been looking FOREVER for this recipe. Thank you for posting it! YUM! I can't wait to prepare and share!

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Made as a bar in a 15x9 jelly roll pan. I was shy 1 c cornflakes, so I used 5 c cornflakes and 1 c Golden Grahams. After cooling I drizzled with a bit of chocolate. They are like a candy bar, but a million times better than anything you can get at the store.

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These are really good! Mine turned out really chewy, with an almost nougat-like consistency. I started out scooping them into small balls with a cookie scoop but the mixture hardened and my scoop froze up before I could finish (hint - work fast!). I would suggest flattening them slightly before they cool just to make them easier to eat. They were sweet but not overly so -- somewhere between a cookie and a candy but leaning more towards the candy side. They may be fattening but with the cereal and peanut butter they make a great breakfast on the run. Thanks for posting!