Easy Boneless Pork Chop With an Amazing Flavour.

READY IN: 1hr 15mins
Recipe by JinxTheCat

This is an easy recipe to make, you can prepare and store the coating/spread a week in advance and use as a marinade or coating for other meats through the week or thicken up with more butter and use to roast vegetables in. Fresh or Dried Sage and Rosemary can be used. I don't use a lot of garlic in this as I just like to taste a little hint, not a big kick. Preparation takes around 15 minutes and cooking will take around 60 minutes, leaving you time to help the kids get their homework finished, or have a cheeky glass of wine. Oh, This recipe is to serve 4 family members (1 pork loin each)

Top Review by tracytrebilcox

Hands down, the best recipe for porkchops. Quick, tasty and easy. For those of us in the US without a convenient metric calculator (my hubby, a scientist), the oven temp is 350, and for the butter, use a quarter-cup (or one stick). It's going on my regular rotation - especially when it's a busy work week.

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  1. First you need to make the spread/coating, as this is where all the flavours will come from. Start by mixing the butter, apple sauce and oil together.
  2. Finely chop the rosemary and sage if using fresh herbs. Add to the mixture.
  3. Crush the garlic clove. Add to the mixture.
  4. Season the spread with salt and pepper.
  5. The coating needs to be of quite a stiff consistency so you can coat the meat well, the instructions here should make it well but if it is not quite stiff enough, blend a little more butter into it.
  6. Take the pork and score the meat with lines all over.
  7. Place each chop on its own piece of foil - enough so it can be wrapped tightly when ready.
  8. Smear the coating all over the meat, massaging it in, generously.
  9. Wrap in foil tightly and place in the oven on gas mark 4/170C for 30 minutes.
  10. Remove from the oven and allow time for foil to cool slightly, open up the parcels and place 2 wedges of the chopped bramley apple on each piece of meat.
  11. If the meat is looking a little dry then add more spread/covering. Wrap again and return to the oven. I usually allow an extra 30 minutes but be sure to check the meat through the whole duration to prevent burning or over cooking.
  12. Serve when ready with your favourite side dish - honey roasted parsnips and roast potatoes are my favourite.

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