Crock Pot Ground Beef and Beans

Total Time
5hrs 25mins
25 mins
5 hrs

This is wonderful served in a bowl, topped with cheddar cheese and crusty buns on the side, if you don't have a crock pot just simmer on top of the stove over low heat for about 3 hours or more.

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  1. In a large pot or skillet brown the ground beef with onions, garlic, celery, jalapeno peppers and chili flakes until the beef is no longer pink; drain fat.
  2. Add in all the remaining ingredients; stir to combine bring to a simmer then transfer to the crock pot (or simmer on top of the stove over very low heat for about 3 hours).
  3. Cover and cook on LOW heat for about 5 hours.
  4. Season with salt and pepper about halfway through cooking.