Crock Pot - Chicken Corn Chowder

Total Time
5hrs 15mins
15 mins
5 hrs

AWESOME Flavor!! A satisfying and fulfilling chowder for any lunch or dinner....just add crusty bread!! A good year around mainstay entree in our home! Cooks while you work or shop! Easy preparation!

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  1. Lightly brown chicken pieces in butter and set aside. Saute onion and celery.
  2. Place carrots, potatoes, onion, celery and corn in crock pot. Put chicken pieces on top. Add chicken broth. Add salt and pepper (to taste).
  3. Turn crock pot to low and cook 4 to 5 hours. During last 10 minutes of cooking add evaporated milk and cheese. Stir lightly to allow cheese to melt.
  4. Note: If a thicker chowder is desired, add -- 1 tablespoon cornstarch dissolved in 2 tablespoons of cold water. Also, smash a few potatoes for thickening.
  5. Serve with crusty bread and enjoy!.