Campbell's Bean and Bacon Soup

Total Time
12 hrs
3 hrs

You might have guessed this is a copycat recipe and it rocks if you like Bean and Bacon Soup. Serve with cornbread and honey or sleeves of saltine crackers. Prep time includes bean soaking time.

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  1. Soak beans overnight and discard water.
  2. Place all ingredients EXCEPT wine vinegar, liquid smoke, salt and pepper in a large kettle.
  3. Simmer until beans are tender, around 3 hours.
  4. Puree 2 cups of soup and return to pot.
  5. Add wine vinegar and liquid smoke.
  6. Mix well.
  7. Taste; add salt and pepper to taste.
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While I didn't find this exactly like the Campbells version, it is very close, and is an excellent soup. I will definately make it again.

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wow!this is just like the campbells soup! it was my first attempt at bean soup and i will not be looking for any other recipes......i love it!!!