Vanilla Pancakes

"Just my basic pancakes."
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  • Beat egg until frothy.
  • Add milk and butter.
  • Mix well.
  • Add sugar, salt and vanilla extract. Mix well.
  • Add flour and mix until smooth.
  • Add a little water if it is too thick. Mixture should just barely pour out of a spoon.
  • Heat a heavy cast iron griddle or skillet over medium low burner.
  • Wipe with butter with a paper towel just enough to grease the surface lightly.
  • When heat is correct a small drop of water will just bounce and break in to smaller drops.
  • Pour batter a 1/4 cup at a time for each pancake.
  • Turn when top begins to bubble slightly.
  • Second side cooks quicker so keep an eye on 'em.
  • Repeat until out of batter, remember to wipe the griddle with butter between each batch.

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  1. I made these as a special breakfast for my 6 month anniversary with my hubby and we LOVED them! They're very light and fluffy and have excellent flavor and texture. I will definitely be making these again...
  2. Had to make a double batch of this wonderful pancake recipe! It was so good that I have been requested to make it again soon. The taste was so good and the texture was just right. Thank you for the great recipe!
  3. I made this recipe for me, DH and my son. My son had one, DH two and me a large one. We only have one left. It's not a big recipe. But it was perfect for us. We loved the taste, the texture. I omitted the salt. Thanks Chef Jeff Garland :) Made for I recommend tag game
  4. I scaled this down to 4 serves and we each got 2 fluffy pancakes, I did use a whole egg and 1/2 cup of milk and the batter was smooth and poured like a dream and was easy to swirl in the pan to get reasonably even pancakes. Will be making again, thank you Chef Jeff Garland, made for Healthy Choices ABC Tag game.
  5. There's a GREAT TASTE to these pancakes, & I chalk it up to the vanilla! Very substantial cakes, & a nice change from the usual! Served these up with both a peach sauce & some maple syrup & liked them both! [Made & reviewed for one of my adopted chefs in this Spring's PAC]


  1. great recipe! next time i would try sprinkling some communism on top!
  2. Gomez Gang
  3. you forgot to add the communism
  4. This isnt the Russian revolution


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