Rezika's Chicken & Vegetable Curry

"This is my family's all time favourite curry. Originally this was an Afghani chicken curry - I ended up reducing the amount of chicken & adding chickpeas, potatoes & peas to. If you want to add more veggies, please feel free to do so. Frozen okra also works well in this dish, as does fresh spinach added at the very last minute. My kids, aged 7 & 2, enjoy eating this curry as it is not too spicy, just full of flavour. If you want a hotter curry, add a chilli to the cooking pot! This curry tastes just like the Chicken Bhuna (with added veg!) from our local Indian restaurant.....we now save ourselves a fortune ;)"
photo by Um Safia photo by Um Safia
photo by Um Safia
Ready In:
2hrs 10mins




  • Put the olive oil in a large, heavy bottomed pan, add the onions & cook on a medium heat until they are golden & translucent.
  • Add the turmeric & curry powder to the pan, followed by the chicken pieces - cook until the chicken is sealed on all sides.
  • In a food processor, make a paste from the ginger & garlic. Once you have made a smooth paste, add it to the pan & mix well. Cook for 2 minutes.
  • Liquidize the tinned tomatoes & add them to the pan along with the water. Cover & simmer on a medium heat for 90 minutes - check & stir from time to time - add any extra water if you think it needs it. Add the salt & black pepper.
  • After 90 minutes, rinse & drain the chickpeas & add them to the pan. Chop the potatoes into cubes approximately 1cm x1cm & add them to the pan.
  • Cover & simmer again for 20 minutes.
  • Take your bunch of coriander. Remove 6 large leaves & set aside for your garnish. Roughly chop the remainder.
  • After 20 minutes cooking, add the frozen peas & 2 tbsp chopped coriander. Cook for 5 minutes.
  • At this point, the veggies & the chickpeas should be tender. If you would like a thicker sauce, turn up the heat & reduce the sauce - stirring to avoid the curry catching on the bottom of the pan. If you would like more sauce, just add a little stock & a touch more seasoning & curry powder.
  • If you've used bone-in chicken pieces, you may wish to remove the bones now.
  • Check the seasoning, adjust if necessary, just before serving add the remainder of the coriander & mix well.
  • You can also add a teaspoon of freshly ground garam masala at this point if you wish - I generally don't bother though --
  • My family loves to eat this curry with either basmati rice or freshly made naan & pitta breads, pakoras & poppadoms. I also serve a light cucumber raita & a mixed green salad.

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  1. DailyInspiration
    This dish was delicious - we loved the flavors, the veggies and the chicken was so nice and tender. Although there are potatoes in this dish, we served this wonderful curry over rice. I used breasts and thighs for this dish. The only change I might make next time would be to thicken the sauce just a tiny bit. I also used less water than called for in the recipe. This dish made a wonderful dinner tonight. : )
  2. MrG54
    Boneless chicken thighs work well in this savory, spicy dish. We used a large covered skillet, to allow everything to cook slowly, without drying out. And serving it over basmati rice really makes it authentic.
  3. HotPepperRosemaryJe
    Rezika this was recommended to me by UmSafia and it looks really good! I am going to give it a try tomorrow! I will have to make my Naan too! I will let you know how it turns out! Thank you for sharing! UmSafia and Rezika! Always, Jelly :)


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