Parsley Pesto With Sun-Dried Tomatoes

"Last night, in the mood for something delicious and healthy (in that order), I made pesto using parsley. I always keep parsley in the fridge –it’s a staple for me, as are lemons and garlic. I consider these types of ingredients the building blocks of good food; hence, keeping these items in my kitchen is a must! Top your favorite high-protein, gluten-free pasta with this power packed parsley pesto –parsley is considered a superfood– and you have a dish that not only tastes good, it’s good for you too! Enjoy."
photo by FLKeysJen photo by FLKeysJen
photo by FLKeysJen
photo by Elanas Pantry photo by Elanas Pantry
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  • In a food processor, place parsley and pulse briefly.
  • Add sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, lemon juice and salt, then pulse until almost smooth.
  • Drizzle in olive oil and pulse again briefly to incorporate.
  • Serve with pasta, sesame crackers or walnut crackers.

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  1. FLKeysJen
    Very flavorful! The lemon, garlic and other flavors keep this from being too "parsley-ey"...I made a pizza with this as the base plus goat cheese, mozarella, parmesan. Delicious without any meat or other toppings! Parsley is the new basil!
  2. karen in tbay
    I can hardly wait til my oldest daughter gets home and tries this. I had a large outdoor container of parsley to clean up before the frost got it and in the freezer we had sun-dried yellow grape tomatoes #14681. Very delish and will be a repeat each harvest year. Just wanted to add that I had 4 cups parsley loosely measured in a cup then chopped it which became 2 cups so I just doubled the recipe. I always wonder about the measurement of some foods based on the order of the wording - 1 cup chopped parsley......1 cup parsley chopped // it definitetly effects the measurement???? UPDATED TO ADD THE STARS THIS RECIPE DESERVES!
    Easy to make and delicious! Served with French baguette slices. I think you could skip the salt or the lemon in this but not both-either one or the other. Italian aka flat leaf parsley is best for this recipe. Made for Best of 2012.
  4. Maito
    Very good, the sun dried tomatoes really make it. I halved the pine nuts. I think it would be even better with double the parsley next time.
  5. SDK1443


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