Oriental Finger Food, Rolled Chicken & Mushroom Omelette

Recipe by Bergy
READY IN: 30mins
YIELD: 12 pieces




  • Add dried Shitake mushrooms to boiling water & simmer 1 minute remove from heat and let them sit for ten minutes, drain and chop finely.
  • In a fry pan saute the minced chicken & garlic until cooked and the chicken is lightly browned , make sure the chicken is well separated.
  • Add Ginger, Soy, Chili Flakes, reconstituted, chopped mushrooms (or fresh chopped), wine & lemon juice.
  • Simmer until the moisture has evaporated - set aside to cool.
  • Meanwhile whisk the 2 eggs with the water & cornstarch.
  • Whip the egg white until it forms soft peaks.
  • Mix the egg white with the cooled chicken mixture,.
  • Fold the chicken mixture into the whisked eggs.
  • Heat a no stick omelette pan over medium high heat.
  • Pour in half of the mixture and tilt the pan so you have as thin a layer as possible, cook until bubbly on top.
  • It should be almost totally cooked.
  • Tilt the pan and pick up an edge of the omelette & roll it into a jellyroll.
  • Leave over heat turning the roll to finish heating through for another minute, remove roll to a plate.
  • Cook second omelette.
  • Insert 6 toothpick in each roll about 3/4" apart and slice between them giving you 4 small end pieces (for the cook) and 12 pieces to serve.
  • Place each piece rolled side up on a serving platter, put a dab of chili sauce on top of each and a piece of ginger Serve at room temperature.