15 Recipes That Taste As Good As Spring Break Feels

Wishing you were on a beach, somewhere sunny, drink in hand? Spring Break is never far away with these fun and fresh warm weather recipes.

Frozen Watermelon Margarita

"This is the best way to use up a lot of watermelon!"


Tequila Lime Chicken

"Quite possibly the best chicken I have ever made."

-Amanda Beth

Guinness Burgers

"The mixture was very moist, and it stayed together quite well. I'll keep a bottle of Guinness on hand for my burgers from now on!"


Tequila Sunrise

"I LOVE this drink! Very refreshing and topical tasting."


Old Bay Shrimp Boil

"It was so much fun to eat, and it had great flavor."

-Michele R.

Cuban Sandwich

"After having a mind blowing Cuban sandwich in a little cafe in Miami, I never thought I could recreate it. But this was incredible!"


Bahamian Sky Juice

"Creamy heaven! In my opinion nutmeg is the key. This is my favorite island drink."

-Tiny Shell

Mango Salsa

"This is one delicious and versatile salsa recipe. The fresh lime juice and cilantro gave it such a tropical taste."


Baked Buffalo Wings

"It was my first time making chicken wings and it won't be the last one. This is a great recipe — I like that they aren't fried."


Mac 'n' Cheese Dogs

"My husband loved the mac and cheese. This is such a kid-friendly and adult-friendly recipe."



"Great recipe, and if you are in a pinch for time use store-bought rice milk instead of making your own."


Fish Tacos

"This is definitely my new fish taco recipe. Amazing sauce. Very quick and easy."


Pina Colada Jello Shots

"These were absolutely the best! I made them for a party and they were a hit — all my guests loved them."


Diner-Style Grilled Cheese

"Who would have thought that such a simple idea would produce the prettiest, golden pieces of grilled cheese? So easy and tastes great!"

-Queen Puff

Shrimp Po Boys

"These shrimp were delicious."

-Terrance T.