Noodles and Spinach With Tofu

"A little different than some of the other recipes I've read, so I posted. This came from the Buffalo News and is my favorite way to eat tofu. It's important to put the noodles in before the spinach or the spinach with soak up all the sauce. I always add some finely chopped onions to this recipe because I like them, but iIll post the original. It's high in mono and poly-unsaturated fats (good fats), has a bunch of fiber, is a vegan meal, and most importantly, super good! Even my parents, who hate tofu, love this."
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  • For the sauce: Pour 1-2 tbs sesame oil in large frying pan/wok over medium heat. Ad 1-2 tbs of soy sauce, 1-2 tsp minced garlic, 1 tbs peanut butter and 1 tbs tahini. Stir until mixed into a thick consistency, about 30 seconds.
  • Immediately add tofu and stir to coat. Stir intermittently, allowing tofu to brown before stirring. When tofu is browned remove from pan and set aside, cover to keep warm.
  • Repeat sauce process above, being perhaps a bit more liberal with oil and soy sauce. Add cooked spaghetti and mix through.
  • Add spinach and mix again. Heat and taste test for flavor.
  • Add tofu when spaghetti is hot, and sprinkle with with sesame seeds.
  • Toss and serve.

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  1. I loved this recipe! I didn't have any tahini so I used extra peanut butter to replace it. Yum!!
  2. Really good. As there are only two of us, I made half the amount of tofu and noodles, a little over half the spinach and mostly all the sauce and we are both enjoying left overs! The next time, we're going to try this with Japanese buckwheat noodles and unless there's a crowd, still with half amounts. Will also try some Thai hot sauce next time.
  3. Hearty, tasty, and squarely nutritious. I added a tablespoon of sambal oelek chili sauce (the one with the rooster on the label) to the tofu sauce to give it a little kick.


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