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Microwave Lemon Bars

Microwave Lemon Bars created by Northwestgal

You won't find an easier or tastier lemon bar!! Cut this recipe from the L.A. Times years ago. Super quick and simple too!

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  • To make crust, combine flour and sugar in small bowl. In another small bowl, microwave butter until melted. Work melted butter into flour and sugar mixture until well blended and crumbly. Press mixture into bottom of microwave safe baking dish, 8" round is what I use. Microwave for 4 minutes. Set crust aside.
  • To make filling, combine eggs and sugar, beat until fluffy. Add all remaining ingredients, beat slowly until cornstarch is well dissolved, about 1 full minute. Do not overmix.
  • Pour this mixture over baked crust. Cook on high 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 minutes, just until center begins to set. Remove and let chill in refrigerator. Before cutting, dust with powdered sugar. I cut mine into small 1 1/2" bites, place each bite in a paper or foil baking cup as they are quite rich. Enjoy!
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@Sauce Lover
@Sauce Lover
"You won't find an easier or tastier lemon bar!! Cut this recipe from the L.A. Times years ago. Super quick and simple too!"
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  1. Northwestgal
    These Lemon Bars are really delicious, but I had trouble making them in my microwave oven (it's not terribly reliable). The crust layer baked up quite well in my microwave oven. But once adding the filling and returning it to my microwave, after only 3 minutes (which the recipe specifies to cook it on High for 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 minutes on High at that point), the filling had bubbled up and dribbled over the sides of the glass baking dish. I just let them cool, sprinkled the top with powdered sugar, and they were every bit the luscious lemony treat this classic recipe is known to be. I think it's just a recipe that wasn't meant for my microwave oven. Thanks, Sauce Lover. Made for Spring 2010 Pick-A-Chef.
  2. Northwestgal
    Microwave Lemon Bars Created by Northwestgal
  3. mums the word
    First of all, please don't get me wrong with this rating - these bars taste wonderful. However, I did have some problems with the method and I don't know if this may be due to a difference in microwave wattage or what the problem was. My micro is 700W. In step #1, there is no power level specified, so I assumed "high". The crust started to lightly brown in some spots which seemed to be ok. Then I proceeded with the recipe and the lemon filling bubbled up so much I thought it would overflow the 8" square pan. In step #3, the directions say to cook on high unil the center begins to set but it never looked like it was setting to me even after adding another 45 seconds. The filling continued to look wet, sticky and foamy (from the eggs). So I decided to finish it in the oven and baked it at 350 for 8 minutes and then it set very nicely. The bars tasted good, but the texture was chewy on some bars, rock hard on other bars. So, the next day I repeated the recipe using the oven instead - Baked the crust alone at 350 for 15 minutes, then added the filling and continued to bake for 20 minutes. They were fabulous, my family loved them and they disappeared in one day. The photograph is from the second attempt. As I said, it could be the difference in the wattage of the microwave, or maybe I blew it in step #1 by assuming a high power. I would absolutely make these again, but would just use the oven method. Thank you for sharing the recipe Sauce Lover. Made for My 3 Chefs 2009.
  4. mums the word
    Microwave Lemon Bars Created by mums the word
  5. mums the word
    Microwave Lemon Bars Created by mums the word
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