Low Carb Lemon "cheesecake" Bars

"A variation of this recipe was in the Woman's World Magazine. Since I am trying to monitor carbs and yet still enjoy dessert, this really fills the bill."
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photo by A Marsteller
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  • Stir the boiling water into the box of jello, mixing for about 2 minute.
  • Add the cream cheese and lemon juice.
  • Mix until all lumps have disappeared.
  • Pour into an 8" square pan and chill until set.
  • Cut into 8 squares.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Angie F.
    This recipe calls for three ounces of jello, I'm wondering if you meant 0.3oz instead? I say this because it was a bit rubbery after it molded/set.
  2. Sarah S.
    In the picture, it looks like there is a crust. What kind is it and how many grams in the carbs are in each serving?
  3. fran.salas
    Is it 3 oz of sf lemon gelatin or .3 oz box
  4. Frank W.
    How many carbs per serving?
  5. Susan P.
    The picture shows crust, where is that part of the recipe?


  1. sponge026
    This is a gift for those of us who watch our carbs. I made a crunchy base using 3/4 cup of pecan flour and 3/4 cup almond flour, together with 2oz melted butter. Press the mixture into a pie dish and bake for 15 mins at 350. I followed the recipe for the filling as written, but added 1 teaspoon of lemon essence and 8oz of ricotta cheese. WOW this was delicious and so easy to make. Tastes just like regular cheesecake. My husband cant get enough of it. This will be a staple at our house from now on. Thanks a bunch for posting.
  2. heidij810
    These are SOOOOO delicious! So far I've tried lemon and raspberry, but lemon is still my fav. Make sure you use a small box of jello or they turn out like rubber!
  3. The Happy Housewife
    God bless you for posting this! I was scared to go to the grocery store for fear of tackling someone at the bakery counter so I desperately searched for a low carb dessert when I came across your recipe. Oh my goodness this was so YUMMY! I topped it with a little whipped cream too. My husband came home and ate all of it ("I left you a bite!") so I'm headed to the grocery store to buy some more flavors and experiment a bit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  4. Mary D.
    How many carbs per serving? I just made it for the first time and it looks & tastes great. Thank you
  5. Mertoo
    I just made this with orange jello and it is tasty! I'm hoping my husband doesn't like it, since he's not doing low carb and I have to guard my favorite treats. Hey, I'm not eating his ice cream! :)


  1. Beth D.
    Used Knox Gelatin (No Flavor) added Vanilla instead. Added vanilla to the almond flour crust with one half cup of diced walnuts. Taste like a traditional cheesecake. May try unsweetened cocoa powder instead of vanilla next time.
  2. Gary and C.
    Instead of adding boiling water to the box of Jell-O, I would combine the two ingredients in a medium-size bowl for two minutes instead of minute. Looking forward to a keto-friendly dessert.
  3. William S.
    Made these delectable bar with a gramb-cracker base & used sugar-free orange jello. These are a hit in our house!
  4. kquealy
    Very good, and easy as well. I took the suggestion someone offered and replaced half of the cream cheese with fat free ricotta. I also used fat free cream cheese and that worked well. It makes a nice treat for diabetics.


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