Low Carb Cheesecake Dessert

"I love this and am tired of always having to search for this recipe when I want to make it, so am posting it here so I always will know where to look."
photo by Stephanie D. photo by Stephanie D.
photo by Stephanie D.
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  • Beat all ingredients together. Enjoy on its own or top with fruit or sugar free jelly for a treat.

Questions & Replies

  1. Hi. I'm on week two of low-carb diet and this looks cookbook good about now. It's rather a lot for just one person though. Do you think these would freeze up like pudding pops in the freezer? Or is it too soft? Just would like to pull one out for a quick treat once in awhile. Thanks!!
  2. Sounds great, is the pudding amount ( 1oz.) correct, or is it the small (3,4oz.) box? Thanks in advance!


  1. Yum! I'm on a low-carb diet and my dad is diabetic. I made this with the sugar-free cheesecake Jello and it was DELICIOUS. On the first try we ate it plain which was really good. On the second try I mixed in about 5 mashed up strawberries and it was even better. It's 100 degrees out right now and I just put some in the freezer to see if it's passable as ice cream. I have high hopes!
  2. Great treat for only 8 carbs! 6 for cheesecake jello, 1 for cream cheese, 1 for heavy cream. Super quick to make - thank you Beverly292!!!!
  3. Omg..this is delicious!! I made this for my husbands birthday!! I made a pecan, walnut, 72% cacao bottom crust. I used sf chocolate fudge pudding. I grated 72% cacao for the top. We ate it with strawberries. A very tasty dessert. Alot less carbs than the Black Forrest cake I usually make him for his birthday. I'm excited of all the different ways I can make this!!
  4. This recipe is amazing. Certainly satisfies any sweet tooth.
  5. Made this exactly as written. To die for. Rich, creamy, light, tastes like cheesecake. Perfect keto dessert.


  1. I just tried this with sugar free BANANA pudding. Yum!!!! Easy too!
  2. See above!


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