Hot Pastrami Sandwich

"A New york deli classic. Some of these sandwiches can be HUGE and are really a marvel (and easily shared)."
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photo by PalatablePastime
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  • Simmer pastrami in broth until hot.
  • Divide meat among bread, using 4 ounces for smaller sandwich, and 8 ounces for large.
  • Add cheese, mustard, pickles, and onions to taste.
  • Grill sandwich until toasty and crisp if desired.
  • Serve warm with chips if desired.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Bobbie W.
    what is the nutritional value for this sandwich


  1. Ginny Sue
    Great sandwich! I made this on rye bread that I toasted before assembling the sandwich. The pastrami was very tender from simmering in the broth, so the meat just melted in the mouth. I drained the pastrami before putting on the bread so that the sandwich would not be soggy.
  2. Frank D.
    I moved to central Ohio in 2011. Havent found a place that makes a pastrami sandwich like The Hat in SoCal since I moved here. Looks like I am gonna have to do it myself.
  3. Laura L.
    Superb Sandwich, fast and easy with lots of flavor. I added a little mayonnaise to the mustard and grilled the bread with butter on the outside. Served with homemade fries, was a hit. Will make again.
  4. D.r. H.
    Just a little bland. My construction; Put 3 tbls about 1/4 to 1/3 c. sauerkraut in a small strainer and hold under hot water for 5 sec's. to heat and dilute bitter juice and smell. Squeeze in strainer till near dry. Place and spread on Pumpernickel rye, Marble rye or caraway rye bread. Add a slice of havarti or swiss (keep cheese 1/2" from edge of bread for melt compensation), spread 1 tsp dijon or coarse mustard on kraut and cheese (substitute 1 or 2 tbls Marie's 1000 island dressing or add to the mustard). Nuke 6 oz. (8 oz. if using pan sized bread) Hillshire Farms pastrami or pre-cooked equivalent for 30 sec., steam or heat in beef broth till hot (DO NOT COOK!). Drip dry and add heated pastrami. Cover with second bread slice. Grill in frying pan. (Very lightly butter outside of top slice. Place in hot pan buttered side down. Lightly butter slice 2 outside while grilling.) Temp and time; roughly 300 F., 5 min a side. Flip if wisp of light smoke is seen and remove when side 2 reveals same smoke. I use the olfactory device in the middle of my face to monitor grilling to a little over done (smoke and light burn smell) for another added great taste variety. Cheese melt migration to bread edge is also a temp indicator to ensure kraut and meat are hot.
  5. clskinner
    Delicious! Didn't have havarti cheese or rye bread so used pepper jack cheese and grinder rolls, then topped the sandwich with sautéed onions and red bellpeppers. Will definitely make this one again.


  1. D.r. H.
    My own Hot Pastrami sandwich recipe.
  2. Kittencalrecipezazz
    wow this is a wonderful sandwich with many possibilites, I used corned beef in place of pastrami and provolone cheese, made as stated this was wonderful, I strongly suggest to reduce the broth by half which is what I did otherwise I think it would make the bread too wet, thanks for sharing Lori!


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