28 Best New York Recipes

For iconic flavors and dishes that can live up to the grandeur of Times Square, try our signature New York Cheesecake or sip on your own Manhattan cocktail!

New York Cheesecake

"True cheesecake and no need for sauces! This travels well and I even added fresh nutmeg and ginger powder to the crust for holiday flavor. Rich, creamy and perfectly sliced thin for a crowd of 12."

-Trudie Bob

Manhattan Meatballs

"Wonderful meatballs! I particularly loved the flavor the preserves and barbecue sauce gave the meatballs. In fact, I made another batch to freeze for later use. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome dish."


Home-Baked Bagels

"Another item off my culinary bucket list. These were so much easier than I expected and fun to make. Yum!"

-Lucky in Bayview

New York City Black and White Cookies

"They came out even better than I remember having them as a kid in Brooklyn!"


New York Tangy Apple Salad

"5 stars all the way! The different flavors of the sweet, crisp apple with the nutty almonds, fresh lettuce and tangy-sweet dressing are so good together - yum."


New York-Style Pizza Crust

"This produces a wonderfully tender and fluffy crust with a nice crisp on the bottom from the cornmeal. Delicate and flavorful, this is a great pizza crust or cheese stick recipe."


NYC Corned Beef and Cabbage

"This dish is such a treat. It reminds me of the corned beef and cabbage I grew up having. It turned out so tender!"


Copycat Junior's Famous Cheesecake

"The density and thickness of Juniors recipe is what makes this taste great!"

-Alan P

Concord Grape Pie

"We never had a grape pie before, and we loved it! I've made six pies now and all my friends are enjoying the grapes."

-Laureen in BC

Matzo Balls

"These are perfectly fluffy and the perfect size! My family gobbled them up."

-Jennifer E

Mom's Waldorf Salad

"This is the kind of Waldorf salad I remember from my childhood. It is refreshing, easy to put together and just right for a side salad."



"The drink had just a hint of sweetness and was a very pleasant experience!"

-Bill Hilbrich

New York Style Pizza Dough

"A basic "Big Apple" pizza dough recipe. This pizza dough is built for that signature thin-crust, "fold-able" slice New York is famous for."


New York Style Cheesecake on Shortbread Crust

"I've made this twice, and everyone who tries it raves about it! It's the perfect balance of sweet and I love that it's on a delicious shortbread crust."

-Debbie C

New York Breakfast Casserole

"The most satisfying, delightful and fully gorgeous casserole I've had in ages! I am seriously considering making it for an Easter dinner pot luck just because it's that good."

-Jess M

Buffalo Chicken Wings

"These wings are seriously addictive and totally delicious!"


New York Crumb Cake

"Excellent, easy recipe - a real NY crumb cake indeed!"


Brooklyn Bialy

"Follow the recipe exactly and these are absolutely divine"

-Donielle B.

Soft Pretzels

"These pretzels are wonderful and fairly easy to make. I absolutely loved them and will be using the recipe frequently. "

-Rather Be Cookin

Creamy New York Deli Coleslaw

A great standard coleslaw recipe you can easily tweak and play around with your own variations!

Bagels With Smoked Salmon

"I love smoked salmon and cream cheese on bagels. I really enjoyed the addition of the red onion and tomatoes to the sandwich. Yum!"

-Baby Kato

New York-Style Hot Dog Onions

"Great recipe and that is coming from a New Yorker! Loved the little hint of brown sugar and how the liquid cooks down to a nice sauce."

-My Eclectic Spirit

New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies

"I could seriously eat a dozen of these. The longer they are stored in the fridge, the yummier they taste!"


New York Hot Dog Cart Onion Sauce

"Perfect, a true classic you can't miss with."


Bacon, Egg 'n' Cheese Sandwiches

"Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese & bacon in a little crescent roll pocket. Great for breakfast on the go!"


Marinated Grilled New York Strip Steaks

"This marinade is quick to whip together, easy, and the flavor is awesome. I cook my steaks to medium rare, lightly basted with salt free butter and the result is juicy, flavorful steaks without needing additional sauces of any kind."


Manhattan Style Clam Chowder

"Hearty and yummy - low fat, too! Great with bread for a nice hot lunch."


Hot Pastrami Sandwich

"Simmering the meat is a winner! Of course, the other combination of flavors from the rye bread to the coarse mustard and pickles capped it off."