Easy Cheesy Popcorn

"Anyone want popcorn? For those of you who love popcorn but find most of the store-bought types aren't cheesy enough, just use this recipe! Easy to make, but delicious, too!"
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  • Pop the popcorn. It can be any brand, just as long as it's plain buttered, and not anything fancy like kettle popcorn or extra cheesy popcorn.
  • When the popcorn is ready, carefully take it out of the microwave and pour it into a bowl. Spray the spray butter onto the popcorn, then shake and repeat.
  • After you've sprayed the butter on - after shaking the bowl, spraying on, and repeating - sprinkle the cheese popcorn seasoning onto the popcorn. Then shake and repeat again.
  • If the cheese isn't sticking, repeat the shaking and spraying step.
  • Enjoy! You can also use Parmesan cheese, powdered salad dressing mix, etc. Experiment with your flavors! Just remember the spray butter.

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  1. This is a fantastic way to serve popcorn. I used butter-spray and parm cheese, alternating each as the popcorn popped out of the air popper. I can eat a whole bowl without blowing my diet! Every once in awhile I use splenda if I crave sweet. Tastes alot like those you buy at a fest in Germany. Another alternate is garlic salt. You're right about experimenting with different flavorings. I hope others post suggestions on toppings, too. It's an economical snack.
  2. These are delicious! I know how hard it is to post recipes without Recipezaar's computer getting confused and changing, but now I know you mean "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Spray". For any of you who don't understand, just read this comment. :)


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