Clotted Cream

"If you want memories of cream tea in Devonshire, look no further... this is worth the effort."
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Ready In:
3hrs 5mins




  • Fill a deep, wide-mouthed bowl with the cream and the milk.
  • Leave the mixture in the refrigerator for several hours (preferably overnight).
  • Heat the oven to 180 degrees F.
  • Boil several cups of water and pour it into a pan large enough to accomodate the bowl of milk.
  • Place the pan into the pre-heated oven.
  • Set the bowl of milk into the pan of water in the oven and leave until the top of the milk is crusted with a nubbly yellowish-cream surface.
  • (This will take at least 1 1/2 hours, but it is prudent to allow longer since this process varies depending on the fat content of the milk and cream).
  • Once the surface is nicely crusted, remove the bowl from the pan and cool it rapidly in a bowl of ice water.
  • Place the cooled bowl in the refrigerator until very cold.
  • Remove the crust from the cream with a skimmer or a large slotted spoon and put it into another bowl with a bit of the creamy liquid underneath; as the clotted cream firms up you will need to stir in the liquid to achieve a nice consistency.
  • Put the milk bowl back into the pan of water in the oven for a second crust to form, and add that in its turn to the first one.
  • Note: The left over milk is great to make rice pudding, or can be used in baking.

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