19 Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

No amount of Irish luck will save a party that's lacking in proper Paddy's Day sips. Embellish your bar with these emerald-colored concoctions that even St. Patrick would approve of.

World's Best Whiskey Sour

"Whiskey Sours are one of my husband's very favorite mixed drinks. I made this for him, and he said that it was the best whiskey sour he's ever had."


Emerald Green Punch

"I made this drink for a St. Patrick's Day party at my office. Everyone loved it."

-Nat's Eats

Bourbon Root Beer Floats

"With every sip this drink just got better and better. I will have a hard time having a regular root beer float now."

-Michelle S.

Irish Hot Toddy

"I had this on a very cold St. Paddy's Day and it was wonderful. It was so warming and had just the right amount of spices."

-Bonnie G #2

Irish Flag Shot

"The three alcohols go quite well together. Plus, it's strong AND delicious."


Kahlua Irish Coffee

"This is a delightful warm-me-up drink. For an added touch of blarney I added a few green sprinkles. It was perfect for St. Paddy's Day."

-Marg (CaymanDesigns)

Green Beer

"This drink was so much fun. The green didn't alter the taste at all."


Coffee & Irish Cream Jello Shots

"An unusual recipe but it came out great! This would be lovely as a light dessert with chocolate curls on top!"


Lucky Lime Leprechauns

"We had a green-themed St. Patrick's Day party and experimented with this drink. It was a definite winner with all our guests."

-Baker Barb

Chocolate Bullets

"This is an extremely rich and heavenly drink. I will definitely be making it for the upcoming holidays."


Jade Martinis

"This is a very tasty and refreshing cocktail. It's not overly-sweet, and it has a great fresh-squeezed citrus taste."


Irish Redheads

"I loved the combination of Mountain Dew and Jack Daniels in this festive cocktail."

-pattikay in L.A.

Emerald Mines

"This looked so cool and had a great blend of flavors."


Whiskey Sours

"This is an amazing drink. It has the perfect blend of sweet and tart flavors."


Wicked Little Leprechauns

"I am pretending to be Irish so that I have an excuse to drink this cocktail on St. Patrick's Day."


Irish Pirates

"This was a nice St. Patrick's Day treat. I loved the addition of mint chocolate chip ice cream."


Emerald Isle Martinis

"I enjoyed the refreshing flavor of the mint with the vodka and simple syrup. I will certainly share this recipe with my friends."


Midori Margarita

"This drink was delightful. It still tasted like a margarita, but wasn't overly sweet——like many midori drinks are——because of the lime."


Baileys Irish Coffee

"This drink is warm, smooth, creamy and flavorful. I love Baileys in coffee, especially with whipped cream."

-Baby Kato