PART OF Valentine's Day

29 Valentine's Day Cookie Recipes

Valentine's Day is an ideal occasion to show the people in your life just how much you care about them, and nothing says you care more than cookies you bake yourself. These Valentine cookie recipes from our users include everything from luscious chocolate cookies to luxurious French macarons.

Chocolate Cherry Cookies

“They are a delicious, soft and fudgey cookie with a delightful cherry inside. If you are a cherry fan I think you will be pleased with this one."

-Luby Luby Luby

Chocolate Heart Cookies

“I left the butter out several hours allowing it to become room temperature; this seemed to make a big difference. The dough was very pliable. I used powdered sugar instead of flour to dust the counter/table and rolling pin; that worked well; the powdered sugar ‘melts’ during the baking and doesn't leave the white residue that flour does.”


Valentine Cookie Pops

“So cute and another fun recipe to make for the kids!”


Valentine Sugar Cookies

“We really liked these cookies. I thought they were a little bland unfrosted, but with the frosting made as you suggested they were delicious. I love the cakey texture with just a bit of crispness.”


Thick, Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

“Amazingly soft, even the day after. For anyone who doesn’t have or like shortening, I used all butter (1 cup) instead of half shortening and they turned out great.”


Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

"These were excellent cookies. I doubled the chocolate powder and added a 1/2 teaspoon of instant coffee. Very chocolatey! I only made one mistake. I left the cookies in a bit longer thinking that they looked uncooked. Big mistake! Stick to the recommended time."


Traditional Mexican Wedding Cookies

"My Mexican husband gives these his full approval. I will make one suggestion. I found it much easier to put the powdered sugar in a plastic storage bag, drop in two or three cookies and turn the bag over in my hands a couple of times, then remove them with tongs.”


Cheesecake Cookies

“I actually preferred this to cheesecake and it was easier to make.”


Gourmet Madeleine Cookies

"Great Recipe! I find that 13 minutes in the oven is definitely the sweet spot! Cookies taste great! I also added a bit of lemon juice when adding the lemon zest."


Swedish Vanilla Cookies

"A wonderful treat! They were so simple to make but look and are delicious! I found it easy to just pipe the raspberry jam into the indentation with a little plastic bag.”

-Leahs Kitchen

Sinful Red Velvet Cookies

“Super tasty and moist. I made a batch and took these cookies to work; coworkers loved them very much! Even though I left the mixture in the fridge overnight, it's not that easy to roll. The cookies did expand extensively after baking. Keeping enough space in between two cookies is definitely necessary.”


I Want to Marry You Cookies

“These cookies are amazing. They were quick and easy to make and tasted fantastic. Good luck keeping them around.”

-Baby Kato

Rainbow Cookies

“The cookies came out great; my grandma would be so proud.”


Funfetti Cookies

“These tasted good and were so easy to make. We brought them to a family gathering and people were asking for the recipe.”


Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies

"This recipe is excellent. My cookies must have been much bigger than the recipe called for, because I only got 60 and I had to bake them for 10-12 minutes instead of six. Still, fantastic cookie that I will make again."

-Kristi Ellis

Red Velvet Madeleines

"Very good and easy to make. I skipped the powdered sugar. I also got 36 instead of 24 and I think my madeleine pan is standard size.”

-Outta Here

Roll-Out Cookies

"Wonderful, luscious, buttery cookies! I normally avoid making roll-out cookies because they are time-consuming. This recipe was extremely easy to put together (I have a stand-up mixer and didn't even have to add the flour by hand), and as stated in the recipe, there is absolutely no chilling necessary.”


Low-Fat Valentine Cookies

“These cookies are very tasty and enjoyable, and I'm keeping the recipe on hand to make again!”

-Sydney Mike

Valentine Cinnamon Shortbread Cookies

"Made these for Valentine's Day a couple of weeks ago, and they were just perfect. I'm not a huge fan of cinnamon hearts but couldn't stop eating them when they were combined with the shortbread.”


Cherry Chocolate Kiss Cookies

“Very good. Great substitute for the peanut butter blossoms! I thought it lacked a little bit of flavor; I would add a little more almond extract or more cherry juice.”


Valentine Stained Glass Cookies

These visually stunning cookies resemble stained glass windows. The window panes are made with cinnamon candy, which gives these cookies a kick.

Vanilla Sugar Cookies

"This is a perfect sugar cookie for holiday decorating, but make sure you don't cover up the taste of these delicious yummers. They can definitely stand on their own.”


Valentine's Day Linzer Heart Cookies

“My favorite thing about this cookie dough is that it requires only five ingredients, keeping the recipe quite simple.”

-Elanas Pantry

Heart-Shaped French Macarons

These heart shaped French macarons are the epitome of luxury. Treat your special someone with Marie Antoinette’s favorite confection.

French Pink Macaroons

"I made macarons last week and was quite disappointed with them. THIS recipe is quite different to the on in my cookbook and worked really well for me. I found the finished macaroons looked much nicer and the texture was way better, too.”


Valentine Sweethearts

“These are very nice and I love the pretty colours!”


Red Hot Valentine Cookies

“We love Red Hots candies and decided to add them to cookies. Spicy and delicious!”


Valentine Cookies

“A delicate, pastry-like morsel.”

-Katie Jane

Valentine Biscuits

“These divine biscuits smell like gingerbread but taste even better.”

-Jessca 3