10 Slow-Cooked Masterpieces for St. Patrick's Day

Don't let cooking get in your way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day! Just relax with your favorite Irish beer while the slow cooker works its magic to bring you delicious traditional Irish meals.

Corned Beef in Beer

"The meat was juicy and not salty at all. I served it with veggies and a little extra juice like a stew. This will be our St. Patrick's Day tradition from now on."


Rustic Lamb Stew

"The natural gravy is very tasty. Good cold-night dinner!"


Guinness Beef

"The spices and other add-ins gave the stew a wonderful and rich flavor. It is very hearty too."


Corned Beef with Apple & Brown Sugar

"Wow! The beef was so tender and delicious. This is a recipe I'll make throughout the year, not just on St. Patrick's Day."


Loaded Potato Soup

"Super-delicious soup, and it was easy to make. This one is going into the regular rotation."


Classic Corned Beef

"It's good and quick to prepare and has a wonderful combination of flavors!"

-Peter J

Baked Potatoes

"We like them better cooked this way because they come out perfect. They are moist unlike when I do the oven method."


Classic Beef Stew

"The meat was falling-apart tender after 11 hours on low heat, and the broth was very flavorful."

-Lori in NC

Herb-Crusted Potatoes

"These potatoes were very good and had great flavors from all the herbs and spices. Easy to mix up and toss into the slow cooker."

-Ginny Sue

Corned Beef & Cabbage

"So quick and simple. The meat was so tender! I added some carrots when I added the potatoes, and this was absolutely perfect."