Sunday's Healthy, Yummy, Real Tuna Salad - for Tuna Salad, Melt

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is my off the top of my head Tuna Salad which is GREAT for sandwiches :D I love Deli Tuna Sandwiches and for me this is a little less mayo version of it.

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  1. Take the cans of tuna and place them in a mixing both with water intact, do not drain.
  2. Chop red onion, celery, dill and sprouts.
  3. Place red onion, celery, dill and sprouts in tuna and mix with fork until tuna, and the other ingredients reach a paste type consistency.
  4. Mix in powdered mustard -- be sure all is mixed in evenly.
  5. Mix in dijon mustard -- be sure all is mixed in evenly.
  6. Taste -- make sure the ingredients are mixed to your liking -- add extra of dill, red onion, celery, powdered mustard or dijon if desired.
  7. Add dash of onion powder and McCormick Garlic and Herb powder (or McCormick garlic and dill powder, or plain garlic powder).
  8. Taste -- if desired put a few more dashes inches.
  9. Make sure is mixed evenly and put mayonnaise in -- if more is desired -- put more in! Put each teaspoon in separately so not too much or too little is put in -- I am not much of a mayo person so for me less is more :).
  10. Mix evenly and put on a sandwich with tomato and sprout or even melted with swiss cheese for a tuna melt! You can even toss with lettuce and tomatoes for a great salad!
Most Helpful

My husband and I loved this as a tuna melt mix! I just used one can of tuna (for 2 people) and just estimated the rest. I used white onion instead of red, dill weed instead of fresh dill and I didn't have Dijon mustard. It turned out great! We will definitely use this again!!!

Amanda Jones29 February 23, 2010

My favorite tuna recipe these days and I make it often! I usually leave out the sprouts or place them on the side mainly because I don't usually have them on hand. Love it!!

Beverly K. January 03, 2010

Very good. I made tuna melts for my husband and I had mine on a bed of lettuce. Thank you for this healthy and flavorful recipe. Very economical too!

Leah947 May 10, 2009