Stuffed Bell Peppers

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READY IN: 1hr 52mins
Recipe by Evelyn L Jepson

This recipe comes from; Everyday Italian. Foodtv doesn't have the license to produce the recipes, so you have to get them on the fly, because you cannot find them afterwards.I made this Tuesday, and it was a hit.

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  1. Pasta is small, almost rice-like. Boil 1 cup water, plus the can of chicken stock, add pasta. Don't cook thoroughly, as it will continue to cook in the peppers. Ala dente!
  2. Strain, put in a bowl, retain the liquid from the pasta. Add the chopped tomatoes to the pasta. Grate 2 zuchinnis, and put into the bowl. Chop the parsley and put into bowl. Chop onion and garlic,with the Extra Virgin Olive oil, add minced beef, and brown, then strain, and put in bowl. Stir all together.
  3. Put aside. Put peppers into a pan with 3" sides.
  4. Now, cut the tops off the peppers, clean out. If pepper won't stand erect, skim a little of the skin off the bottom, and it should stand. Spoon mixture into the peppers, make sure that you fill it right to the top as it will fall a little while cooking. Put them into the pan, and pour in the reserved liquid from the pasta. Put in preheated 400F oven for 50 minutes. Then, take out, and put aside until you are nearly ready to serve. Sprinkle tops with the rest of the Parmesan cheese, and put it under broiler, for a minute. Serve.

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