Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 20 mins

This simple yet taste recipe is the simplest recipe I have found for candied pecans, walnuts or any nut really. It's from a 14th Century English cookbook I have.


  1. Mix egg white and the nuts( any kind of nut may be used) together until the nuts are sticky and well covered with egg white.
  2. In a "ziplock" bag, combine the sugar and cinnamon and toss the sticky nuts into the mixture.
  3. shake well to cover the nuts.
  4. Pour out the ingredients of the bag and spread onto a backing sheet that is ungreased and bake at 300F for about 20 minutes.
  5. The nuts will get a white looking coating on them in the oven when they are done.
  6. Pull out of oven and remove the nuts from the cookie sheet immediately.
  7. Let cool and watch them disappear!
Most Helpful

This was the easiest and tastiest of three spiced nut recipes I tried for winter of 2009. Thanks for sharing!

Chef Jo #1491332 January 10, 2010

quick and easy big hit everywhere I have taken them

quiltlow December 24, 2007

OMG! This is the best snack ever, so yummy. These came out sweet and cinnamin-y and with a crunchy coating that was delicious! My bf has already asked me to make this again(a real compliment btw). Next time I might try different nuts just to mixx it up a bit, thought this would taste great with almonds :) Thanks so much, great recipe!

Midwest Maven December 11, 2007