Sour Cream Substitute

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Total Time
3 mins
15 mins

Good recipe to use in a pinch. Also a good use for that powdered milk you've got sitting in the cupboard.

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  1. Beat together thoroughly and refrigerate.
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Oh yes! When you live in the country and can't get to a store.

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I needed 1/2 cup sour cream and since mine had become a science project, I came here to find a substitution. This worked very well in the gingerbread pound cake I just took out of the oven. The cake is moist and dense like a pound cake should be. Thanks for the time saver! :)
Update: 1/1/13, The cake is wonderful! Hubby liked it so much that he wanted no powder sugar or the glaze I made, so it's definitely moist. I'd say the "faux" sour cream was right on point. Thanks again!

I maybe didn't beat as thoroughly as I should have, but this stayed quite thin for me. I also added another tsp of vinegar because after taste-testing it, it still just tasted like powdered milk. It worked okay in the recipe I used it in, but it didn't really replace the flavour. I'm going to try this again though, because like Montana Heart Song said, it's great for rural cooks who forgot to put sour cream on the grocery list and can't just 'nip' out to the store in the middle of a recipe!!