Sirloin Soup Italiano

Total Time
5 mins
25 mins

A delicious, easy to prepare, and healthful soup based upon a recipe from Fred Wix, who is also known as the Gabby Gourmet.

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  1. Cook pasta according to package directions; drain and set aside.
  2. Meanwhile, saute beef, onion, and celery in olive oil for 2-3 minutes; add carrots and garlic; saute another 1-2 minutes until beef is just cooked.
  3. Combine beef mixture, broth, tomatoes, tomato sauce, beans, corn, and herbs in stockpot; simmer for 20 minutes or until flavors are blended and all vegetables are tender; add pasta and heat through; add salt and fresh-ground black pepper to taste; serve topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese ~ and as the Gabby Gourmet always says, Enjoy!
  4. NOTE: 8 ounce uncooked penne pasta is 2 1/2 cups.