Shrimp Summer Salad in Cantaloupe Bowls

Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

This is a very refreshing, sweet, no cook, healthy, lite, lemony, low fat summer meal. You can use store bought frozen cooked shrimp, But leftover grilled shrimp is just great in this salad. You don't need to salt because the capers, and feta are salty and lemon is a substitute for salt. But if you are a lover of salt taste first.

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  1. Scoop the meat out from the cantaloupes and rough chop leaving a 1/4 inch so to keep the shell for the dish.
  2. Place the meat of the cantaloupe in a bowl with rest of salad ingredients.
  3. Mix all the dressing ingredients together in a blender.
  4. Toss the dressing into the salad. Chill for one hour to let the flavors meld together.
  5. Scoop 1/4 of the salad into each of the cantaloupe bowls.
  6. Top with garnishes.