Saturday Night Vidalia Onions

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 45 mins

If you like onions you will love this recipe! My family raves over them everytime I make them.


  1. Prepare a fire in a charcoal grill or preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Trim and slice from the top of each onion, and peel the onion without cutting off the root end.
  3. Using a potato peeler, cut a small cone shaped section from the center of the onion.
  4. Cut the onion into quarters from the top down, stopping within a 1/2-inch of the root end.
  5. Place a bouillon cube in the center of each onion, slip slivers of butter between the sections, and sprinkle with pepper.
  6. Wrap each onion in heavy duty foil and place the onions directly onto the hot coals.
  7. Cook the onions for 45 minutes turning every so often.
  8. To serve, place each onion in individual bowl because the onions will produce a lot of broth, which tastes like French onion soup.


Most Helpful

We LOVE these! I've made them every year to celebrate Vidalia season. I usually bake them in the oven (1 hour at 350 in Pyrex bowls and covered with foil). I season with creole seasoning (Zatarain's Big & Zesty). I've never had much luck with the foil packages; they always seem to leak and I don't want to lose a drop of that yumminess. If you haven't tried these because you don't have a grill, just use your oven. You'll love it!

jancajun2 June 08, 2016

Great starting point recipe! I used smallish sweet onions... I spread the onion open ( like a flower/blooming onion) sprinkled the hole of the onion and inside of the onion sections with a little less than a teaspoon full of beef bouillon granules, a pinch of brown sugar, pepper and small butter chunks. Double wrap in foil and bake in a pan at 375 for almost an hour. Then when I open the foil packets I add some shredded Jarlsberg/mozzarella cheese and a few croutons. It tastes JUST like french onion soup, it is excellent and everyone so far has loved them.

Raspberri_Skies May 17, 2014

We make these often- They are wonderful on brats as well- Thank you for posting this recipe :)

Chez Michelle June 07, 2009

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