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Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

This recipe comes from Chef Michael Smith at the Food Network. My fiance and I make this quite often as it makes a quick, light lunch. Would also work great as an appetizer. This recipe is quite versatile so feel free to substitute ingredients as you like.

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  1. Pour some water into a shallow dish. Add rice paper sheets and soak for about 2 minutes, until they become translucent and soften. Lay on a kitchen towel and blot to dry.
  2. Toss tuna together with mustard, oil, lemon juice, green onion, cilantro, salt and pepper.
  3. Place a rice paper wrap on the counter and lay a piece of dill pickle along the edge closest to you. Add one quarter of the tuna salad on top of the pickle and give 1 complete roll.
  4. Fold in ends and continue to roll up. Repeat for each wrap.
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We really enjoyed these rolls....they were a snap to make up and travell very well in lunches. Bonus! They were a little "drippy" so the second time I made them, I drained the pickle and chopped it into the mixture. DH said that it worked out much better. Will make these often! Thanks for the posting!

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Very good! changed mine a bit to use what i had in the fridge, i added a bit of soy sauce with the olive oil, mustard and lemon juice...then slices of cucumbers instead of pickles, and mint instead of cilantro, and it was great! I made a dipping sauce of soy sauce, honey, and mustard...can't wait to try it your way when i have all the ingredients! Thanks

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Holey smokes!! These seemed so simple. I thought, "eh, they'll be good..." They are FANTASTIC!! I agree, don't skip the pickles - I ended up using cornichons, but that worked just fine. Delicious and easy! Thank you for the wonderful recipe. These will be appearing in my lunches often. :)