Quick and Easy Doughnuts...

READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by superstar_sn

These are soooooo easy and takes a very little time to make.I made these doughnuts and my family enjoyed it a lot.I was not so sure that they will be tasty but when i had a bite i was amazed.HOW TASTY AND DELICIOUS THEY WERE!I still feel the great taste.

Top Review by RubberDucky AU

These were a riot to make. Really fun in an insane way. Shining Superstar you failed to attach a warning that the dough when a tad too wet is like glue, and so when I left 12 y.o. son to "knead" in under 10 seconds he'd submerged his hands and was delightfully and literally JOINED with the mixture...it was like sticky rubber! Emergency applications of flour eased the stickiness but not the laughter. We learned they need to be cooked slowly or the inside stayed gluey while the outside was crisp. We learned that a microwave will repair that. We learned to make them look more like blown up inner tubes, ie quite a decent hole, so when they swell up in the oil, the whole doesn't totally disappear! We learned that a little slug of pineapple juice mixed with sugar is a great coating. We learned making donuts is great fun, and we'll do it again. But...we weren't that fussed on this recipe, it seemed a bit lacking something, so we will instead venture into the waters of Donut-Dom and try others to find something we really like. However, four stars for the fun, and the technique! It's great.

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  1. In a bowl beat egg,sugar,vanilla and shortening with the help of an electric beater.If u donot have an electric beater then u may use a whisk or spoon.
  2. Now in another bowl take flour and add baking powder,salt,Powder milk.Mix well with the help of ur hands.
  3. Add the egg mixture in flour.Knead with the help of ur hands.
  4. U will not be able to make a dough, so for kneading dough add a bit of warm water.Keep on adding warm water until u get a dough.The dough should not be very soft or very hard.
  5. Make 4-6 small balls out of this dough.
  6. Take a ball on ur palm, flatten it a bit , insert ur fingure in the middle and rotate it.Mke a hole in the middle not so big , not so small.
  7. Heat oil, and when oil is heated well then fry the Dough nuts (Not all at a time).Fry two or one dough nuts at one time.Be careful about the flame of ur stove it should not be so large.The flame should be medium while frying.
  8. When the Dough nuts will become brown in colour, Take in a serving dish and sprinkle some icing sugar on it.Donot spread so much icing sugar that they become white.Just sprinkle a pinch of icing sugar on each doughnut.
  9. ENJOY the quick and easy Doughnuts at evening or when u think of eating something really delicious.
  10. u may cut with doughnut cutter also.
  11. u may also add ur favourite toppings like chocolate.

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