Pork and Sauerkraut With Dumplings

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Recipe by Nyteglori

From a recipe book on 18th century frontier outpost recipes.

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This is a family favorite passed on by my Great-Grandfather. We do a couple things differently though. There is no baking powder or butter in the dumplings. We use 3 eggs, a cup of milk, a good teaspoon of salt and flour til you have a sticky blob. 4-6 cups (the spoon should pretty much stand up in the batter) We also remove the meat and sauerkraut from the pot and then bring the water back to a rolling boil. Then dip a tablespoon into the water to wet the spoon, then pick up a good tablespoon of batter and drop into boiling water. Fill the bottom of the pot with dumplings, but don't crowd. Once you have a batch in, do a quick stir once around the pot to make sure they aren't stuck to the bottom and then put the lid on and let them boil for 5 minutes. NO PEAKING. Remove from water when done, serve. We also make homemade croutons by cutting up fresh bread into cubes and frying in butter. Because we make such a big production of this meal, we start with about 6 slices of bread and a stick of butter. (They are a favorite) Now I am really hungry for this...I see a big family dinner soon! :-)

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  1. Rub pork with salt and pepper. Place in a pot (with a lid - if possible) and cover with water, adding onion cut into pieces.
  2. Boil meat until tender, remove excess fat.
  3. Add sauerkraut and simmer about 20 minutess.
  4. Mix dry dumpling ingredients together.
  5. Add milk gradually mixing well then add the melted butter.
  6. Drop by spoonsful into boiling pork and kraut.
  7. Cook 15 minutes covered.

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