Newfoundland Cod Cakes

Total Time
15 mins
10 mins

A dear "Newfie" friend used to make these for me and I love them. Cut back on the oil in the skillet for a skinny version. To be really authentic serve these cod cakes with baked beans. You may use left over mashed potatoes but they will produce a softer pattie. Just boil your potatoes and mash them with nothing added.

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  1. Mix potatoes, onion, parsley,butter & eggs.
  2. Stir until thoroughly mixed.
  3. Add cod, breaking it apart with a fork, mix well.
  4. Shape mixture into 3" patties.
  5. Coat with seasoned crumbs.
  6. In a skillet fry the patties in the oil, 4-5 minutes each side until they are golden brown.