Kitty Slop

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by LRasmussen

(Vet Approved) Yes it sounds gross, but trust me, I've been feeding it to my cats for years and they love it. A simple, easy, healthy recipe that I created five years ago.

Top Review by Namaste022

Your vet has severly mislead you and this diet is shocking and depleted. Cats need a diet similar to what wild cats eat.Cats need more meat than dogs do. Dogs need more bones. Wild cats and wolves do not eat flour, wheat, grains, kibble, canned food, cow's milk, etc. My cat and dog pack are all fed a 100% raw diet (yes, they make plenty of stomach acid, that is why animals can eat raw and do not get food poisoning) that consists of raw meat, raw organ meat, minced veggies, a few supplements, goat milk and raw egg yolks. The egg whites are the problem NOT the yolks. If you ever want to give your animal milk, use goat milk, NOT cow's milk. Myenberg makes a canned goat milk that Super Walmart and most health food stores carry. Or use fresh goat milk. Cow's milk is meant for baby cows. Tuna is an absolute NO. It depletes an animal of certain B vitamins and will turn an animal into a "tuna junkie." A much better choice is canned salmon, mackrel or sardines. Cats need MEAT and cannot maintain optimal health on fish, veggies and carbs. The reason my animals eat fish is to supplement them with Omega-3, since the meat is so high in Omega-6. *Give Your Dog a Bone* is a great book for anyone with a dog. All dogs, yes ALL dogs need raw meaty bones. Not cooked. They are descendents of wolves. Wolves do not cook their food. The bones, clean the teeth, provide proper calcium (reduces chances of hip dysplaysia) and give the dog a way to take out excess energy and stress through chewing. Stop buying rawhide, cooked bones, smoked bones. You are wasting your money. ANd yes even little dogs and puppies can handle raw bones. It is a beautiful thing to see a puppy take a raw meaty bone, shake it in its mouth like it is prey and lay down and gnaw away. It is in their blood to eat raw. Good raw meaty bones, are chicken and beef ribs, chicken/turkey/pork necks, chicken backs, beef marrow bones or beef soup bones. Neck and back bones are cheap and most family owned grocers stock them regularly. And no, raw meat does NOT make an animal aggressive. They snap at each other over bones as wolves do. There are alpha leaders and followers. The human is always alpha no matter what. I practice taking bones away from my dogs and then returning them on a regular basis so they know I am the leader. The Dog Whisperer explains this on his tv show on the National Geographic Channel. Our cats are fed whole ground chickens or ground chicken leg quarters mixed with ground beef heart and once a month ground beef liver. They cannot chew bones how dogs can. All the meat for cats is ground in a meat grinder at home. Dogs get this mix with veggies and supplements every 3 days. Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats by Kymythy Schultze is another great book on raw feeding. For more info. look up BARF diet on any search engine, and please do the research. My husband and I have been raw feeding for 5 years now with no problems. If this post helps just one person it is worth it. It took us over a year of trial and error to get it right for out pack. Even if you give your dog a nice raw bone a couple of times per week, it is better than nothing. And if you worry about them choking. Never happens. Feed large dogs or dogs that eat fast, larger bones. Keep chicken backs whole. Keep ribs and breast meat whole. Let them work for their food. And only feed an animal when they are calm. Not jumping and yelping. Calmest dog eats first in a pack. Treat an animal as you would want to be treated if you were that animal.

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  1. Cook rice until tender.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a medium-sized bowl and blend together until mixture is smooth.
  3. Refrigrate.

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