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Cook 5 mins

I was making flower7's #130571 and had some extra Kahlua left over, so I decided to make some home made whipped cream with it to top my peanut butter pie. It's really fluffy and has only a taste of coffee liquor. It's a refreshing treat for a summertime dessert. (I eyeball my amounts, so exact measurements may be a lil more/less depending on taste.

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  1. In a chilled bowl, add all of the ingredients.
  2. Beat ingredients with a hand mixer on "high" for about 1 minute (until cream gets stiff and fluffy).
  3. Serve immediately or store up to one week in the refrigerator.
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Excellent! Made using confectioner's sugar since I wasn't sure if it was granulated or powdered sugar in the ingredient list. Served this on top of Iron Bloomers' Coffee Jello (Coffee Jello). Perfection!

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Oh so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!