Herbes De Provence

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Recipe by acid.

Found this in my local newspaper. This can be used as a rub for grilled meats and vegetables, sprinkled on pizza or any recipe calling for Herbes de Provence. Will keep for up to one year in a tightly sealed container.

Top Review by French Tart

Ask 20 French housewives for their Herbes de Provence recipe, and you will probably get 20 different replies!! I use this a lot in cooking and I have at least three of my own special mixes, so I was pleased to be able to make this, to try out something new & different! It was a very good mix indeed, I thought the marjoram, savoury, thyme & rosemary was just right! I thought the lavender was a bit overpowering at 1 tablespoon - you have to be so careful with lavender, it can take over if used in large quatities! I think half a tablespoon of lavender would be just right. I also thought the fennel was not necessary.....again, a bit of an overpowering flavour! However, it was a good basic recipe for a very nice Herbes de Provence; other than the lavender & fennel, the quantities were perfect! I made the full amount and encourage any lovers of this Classic Herb Mix to try this one out - thanks for posting this, it was so nice to try a new mix out! Thanks! FT:-) Oh yes, I used it on grilled chicken breasts - about 1/2 teaspoon for two breasts!!

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  1. Combine all ingredients in a jar with tight fitting lid.
  2. Shake well.

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