Extra Special Ramen Noodle Soup

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Total Time
10 mins
10 mins

I learned to make Ramen Noodle in college extra special as I ate it alot. This is one of my favorites. This one is best with either Pork Flavored or Oriental Flavored Ramen Noodles

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  • 1 (3 ounce) package ramen noodles
  • 14 small green cabbage
  • 1 slice single serve Spam or 4 slices turkey bacon
  • 2 green onions


  1. Add 3 cups water to pan.
  2. Chop cabbage and meat into slivers.
  3. Put in all ingredients except noodles.
  4. Cook till cabbage is crisp tender.
  5. Add ramen noodles.
  6. Cook for additional 5 minutes.
  7. Makes about 3 servings.