Chile Cornmeal Crusted Tofu

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by Kozmic Blues

Yum, Yum! I adapted this recipe from Veganomicon, and it turned out great. I really, really like the use of cornstarch and soy milk to mimick the raw egg traditionally used in "breading" recipes. I used the tofu to make "Po Boy" style sandwiches by placing the fried tofu on grilled rolls with chipotle vegan mayo and fresh yellow tomatoes. The only major change I made from the original recipe was to add a tsp or two of Old Bay Seasoning, and some extra salt (I actually used Penzey's Special Smokey Seasoned Salt)

Top Review by the80srule

This is simply fabulous! What a cacophany of flavors! I cut the tofu the way recommended, and got about about 22 pieces. I froze it after draining for 2 hours. The only changes I made to the recipe was I omitted the cayenne because I used a fine Indian chili powder that's very hot, sprinkled in just a little kosher salt because I'm trying to cut salt intake, coconut milk instead of soymilk, and orange zest because I had dried orange peel that I hydrated, and mixed with the coconut milk. I couldn't really taste the orange or coconut though because the chili and Old Bay are pretty powerful, used Recipe #15562 for it. The key here is to fry it for long enough (but not too long or else it'll burn) because I had a few pieces I didn't fry long enough, those turned out limp, the key is to do about 4-5 minutes on each side so the breading puffs up nicely (that's the cornstarch doing its job!) and makes for a nice thick crunch. I thought they were quite spicy, would dip well with a more neutral flavor-- I liked them with applesauce! Would definitely make again, and probably will soon since I have some leftover breading. Made for Veggie Swap 23.

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  1. Slice the tofu block into 8 slices, widthwise. Then cut each slice in half diagonally, to make 16 triangles.
  2. Using a wide shallow dish, add the soymilk and cornstarch and wisk until well combined, and cornstarch is completely disolved.
  3. In another shallow dish, combine the cornmeal, spices, salt and zest, and gently wisk to combine.
  4. Heat about 1/4 inch canola oil in a skillet over medium heat.
  5. Dip each tofu triangle into the soymilk mixture, and then dredge completely in the seasoned cornmeal mixture.
  6. When oil is hot, fry pieces in skillet for about 3 minutes on each side, I usually do 6-8 pieces at a time.
  7. Drain on paper towels.
  8. Serve plain, or on grilled rolls with vegan mayo, lettuce and tomato!

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