Caramel Rice Krispies Bars

Total Time
1hr 30mins
1 hr 30 mins
0 mins

A delicious twist on an old favorite. A rich and sinful caramel layer nestled between two layers of Krispies bars. It is sweet, it is gooey, and once you try these you won't ever want to eat a plain Krispies bar again! (Prep time includes refrigeration)

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  1. Layer One: Melt the margarine and marshmallows.
  2. Stir in Rice Krispies cereal.
  3. Pat in a buttered 9 x 13 baking pan.
  4. Layer Two: Melt the caramels, margarine and milk and bring to a boil.
  5. Pour over layer one.
  6. Refrigerate 35-40 minutes, until set.
  7. Layer Three: Melt margarine and marshmallows.
  8. Add Rice Krispies cereal (and coconut).
  9. Pat on top of cooled caramel layer two.
  10. *May add melted chocolate or caramel chips, if desired.