Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 20 mins

I like the recipe because of it's savory taste, a change from my traditional Italian sauce, guests go crazy.

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  1. In a skillet saute butter and finely chopped garlic and scallions (use the whole scallion) until tender.
  2. Remove from heat.
  3. Ignite and let vodka cook down, (flame will go out).
  4. In a sauce pot add tomato sauce, half and half, pecarino romano, basil, and garlic powder.
  5. Then add vodka and chopped scallion and garlic butter mixture into the sauce.
  6. Cook over medium heat, stirring.
  7. Pour over cooked rigatoni.
  8. Garnish with fresh parsley.
  9. I recommend pouring the sauce over each individual dish it goes further.
Most Helpful

This was so good. It was such a hit I had to twice stop my teen boy from making more pasta on his own so he could eat more sauce. He cant get enough! Thank you.

maryann9604_9456560 February 06, 2011

This recipe is so spectacular!!! I made this for a friends Christmas party, and there was about 1/2 cup left, and they would not let me leave the house with the leftovers!!! My husband loves this sauce. Thank you, you were the hit of the party. Evelyn Silver

Evelyn Silver December 20, 2009