Beef Stroganoff

Total Time
20 mins
30 mins

Elegant comfort food that is perfect to serve to dinner guests. Your choice on the cut of beef to be used. Cooking times vary.

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  1. cut meat across the grain into 1/2" strips, about 1" long.
  2. melt butter in large heavy skillet.
  3. Add mushrooms (if using fresh- if canned do not add) and onion.
  4. Stir until onion is tender, then remove from skillet and place on side.
  5. In same skillet, cook meat until light brown.
  6. measure 1/3 cup of beef broth and place on side.
  7. Stir in remaining broth, catsup, garlic and salt.
  8. Cover and simmer- time depends on cut of beef- see above.
  9. Blend reserved broth and flour to make paste.
  10. Stir into meat mixture.
  11. Add mushrooms and onion.
  12. Heat to boiling, stirring for about 1 minute.
  13. Let mixture sit to cool down.
  14. Slowly stir in sour cream and reheat over medium low flame.
  15. Serve over cooked hot noodles.