Preserved Lemon Chicken Tagine for the Tagine!

Recipe by Um Safia
READY IN: 3hrs 20mins




  • Put the olive oil in the bottom of the tagine and gently colour the onion and minced garlic. Add the chicken pieces and seal well.
  • In a large jug mix 1/2 pint of boiling water with 1 chicken cube and set aside.
  • To the tagine add the ginger, ras el hanout, saffron, tomato puree and honey. Mix well.
  • Add the chopped tomatoes, chick peas, stock and the apricots to the tagine and season well with salt and pepper to taste. Mix well with a wooden spoon and cover with tagine lid.
  • Cook on a low heat for 2 hours. Remove the lid and add preserved lemon - rinse lemon well under cold tap. Remove and discard half of the flesh and finely slice the remaining flesh and peel. Add this to the tagine before replacing the lid and cook for a further 30 - 45 minutes or until the sauce is thick and well flavoured and chicken is ready to fall apart!
  • (Add a little stock or water to the sauce if it seems a little dry or too thick. Cook a little longer of not thick enough or the chicken is not at falling point.).
  • Finally serve in the tagine base dish with fresh coriander sprinkle dover the top. Serve with fresh baked bread or steamed cous cous.