Stuffed Flank Steak (Bracciole)

READY IN: 3hrs 15mins
SERVES: 8-10
YIELD: 2 rolls




  • Marinate steaks the night before with the Italian dressing and leave it overnight in the refrigerator. (This step is not necessary, but can be done to enhance flavor. If not marinating, season meat with salt, pepper and garlic before stuffing.).
  • The next day, cut each of the two the flank steaks in half (thickness wise) but do not cut all the way through. For each steak, leave the two halves connected by a small amount. Unfold the two halves and lay it flat with the cut sides up.
  • Combine the bacon, green onions, garlic, pepper and parsley. Divide the mixture in two - one part for each steak. For each steak, spread 1/2 of the mixture in the middle of the steak, leaving 1/4 of the steak on each edge with no mixture. Place 3 hard-boiled on the edge of the mixture. Flip the edge closest to the eggs over the eggs and roll up the steak jelly-roll style. Secure the end of the steak on the outside with toothpicks, skewers or tie with string.
  • In a large stock pan, cover the bottom of the pan with oil and heat to medium heat. Brown each steak on all sides. Remove the steaks and remove excess oil from the pan. Add tomato puree, stewed tomato and tomato sauce. Add the steaks back into the pan with the sauce and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for about one hour, or until the steaks are fork tender. Remove the steaks, put them on a plate and cover them. Let the sauce simmer for another hour. About 15 minutes before serving time, return the steaks to the pan with the sauce to warm them up.
  • Just before serving, remove the steaks and arrange them on a plate. Remove the toothpicks, skewers or string. Using a very sharp knife or (preferably) an electric knife, slice the meat in approximately 1/2 inch thich slices. Pour some of the sauce over the side of the slices, letting the eggs and stuffing show for decorative colors. Use the remaining sauce for pasta, etc.