Simple Slow Cooker Potato Soup

READY IN: 8hrs 25mins
SERVES: 8-12
YIELD: 4 quarts




  • Spray the slow cooker, at least 4 quarts in size, with non-stick spray.
  • Place all the ingredients, except the cream cheese, into the slow cooker.
  • Mix thoroughly before starting the slow cooker.
  • Cook on low for 8 - 9 hours.
  • Blend the final product. (I use a hand blender.).
  • Fold in the cream cheese just before serving.
  • Note: I did not peel the potatoes, liking the nutrition of the skin, not minding the darker flecks in the soup.
  • Note: I add no salt, since there was plenty of sodium from the condensed soup, broth, and turkey bacon, even with the low sodium varieties.
  • Note: I did not prepare the turkey bacon except to dice it, and I used UNCURED because that is how the turkey bacon we get at our supermarket comes.
  • Note: 12 potatoes makes a much thinner soup whereas 18 makes a stew with a mashed potato-like consistency.